Complete Automatic Doors

Sliding Doors

record STA 20 – standard linear record STA 21 – light duty record STA 22 – heavy duty record STA 20 Frameless

Sliding Doors TSA & TOS

record TSA 20 – telescopic record TSA 21 – telesc. light duty record TSA 22 – telesc.heavy duty record TOS 20 – breakout

Radial Sliding Doors

record RST 20 – curved sliding door record R 61 SU – round or curved under floor sliding door

Hermetic Doors

record CLEAN K1-A / K2-A record CLEAN K1-A -dB – sound protection record CLEAN K1-A Pb – radiation protection record CLEAN K1-A T30 RS – fire and smoke protection record CLEAN K1-A F – moist rooms

Doors for hygienic environments

record CLEAN K1-na – non-hermetically sealing record CLEAN D ST – swing door record CLEAN K3-A – inlet frame record CLEAN T2-A – telescopic

Energy saving Sliding Doors

record THERMCORD – heat insulating properties record THERMCORD RC 2 – burglar resistant automatic sliding door with energy saving properties record THERMCORD+ – with active seals record THERMCORD telescope

Special Door Systems

record TOS 20 record CLEAN K1-A / K2-A record CLEAN K1-A T30 RS record THERMCORD record SAFECORD RC 2

Security Doors

record SAFECORD RC 2 – RC 2 burglar protection record THERMCORD RC 2 / RC 3 – burglar resistant with energy saving properties record R 62 – security interlock as access control system

Bomb Blast Resistant Doors

record PROTECT EXV 25 sliding door

Underfloor Doors

record S 16 SU – sliding record S 20 SU – sliding record R 61 SU – curved record C 90 SU – for swing doors (special) record C 127 – for swing doors

Folding Doors

record FTA 20 – folding door for narrow passageways record FTA 20 FBO – folding door with break-out leaves

Revolving Doors

record K 21 – two wing revolving door record K 31 – three wing revolving door record K 41 – four wing revolving door record K 32 / K 42 – ST security revolving door

One-way Access Systems

record FlipFlow SINGLE – one-way barrier record FlipFlow TWIN – double one-way barrier record FlipFlow TRIPLE – tripple one-way barrier record FlipFlow WIDE – wider one-way barrier

Roller Shutter & Rapid Shutter Doors

record SPEEDCORD record MINIROLL record GATES DP 106 record GATES P 116 record GATES P 57 record GATES P 97 more

Rolling grilles

record GATES BITUBO AR – for aesthetics, smooth, low noise record GATES TUBONDA S – for good looks and expert protection record GATEES TUBONDA R – for extra protection more

UL approved

5100 Series Sliding Door System 5900 Series Manual ICU Door 8600 Series Overhead Concealed variation