About the company

        Experience and know-how for products and services that are always innovative   


Offers a wide range of simple, functional systems for the automation of doors and windows, designed to simplify our daily movements


Countless international patents, essential tools for the protection of TOPP solutions, contribute to the development of products renowned worldwide


The latest new feature is the production facilities in Montecchio Precalcino which, with a conference hall and show-room, provides the optimal response to the constant changes in our business, and trebles the organisational capacity of the company.


Research for beauty, applied to objects, but not beauty for beauty’s sake, but rather as a factor of ergonomics, practical use and harmony with the function for which this technology was developed.


Technology needs to be safe, guaranteed and clean. our systems have been designed as instruments at the service of people.


• Explanations on installation and wiring of products and systems • Technical/Sales information • Answers to queries on technical and installation requirements